AmEx charges merchants high rates to finance its mileage program, and entices its card holders with generous mileage offers.  But then, if there is a small dispute, AmEx can void all of the customers’ miles - every single one earned over 25 years!  It’s outrageous.  It should be illegal.  And I call it a scam.


AmEx invalidated almost 2 million of our hard-earned miles, which its merchants were forced to pay for.  This happened after I disputed charges on my card that were not mine – a convicted felon serving 10 years for bank fraud had stolen my number and used it.  (So much for the fraud guarantee!)


If more people knew about this travesty of justice, no one would use their AmEx cards.


This is why I started the JustCutTheCard campaign. It not only calls attention to the current U.S. vs. AmEx trial, but also AmEx’s mistreatment of me (Paul Walton) and my 95-year-old, WW II veteran father, Sidney Walton.  We have been driving across the country making people aware of our plight and AmEx’s disgraceful behavior.


Maybe, just maybe, the publicity will strike a chord and create a groundswell of anger by others who have been similarly mistreated by bureaucratic, insensitive organizations.


Maybe, just maybe, it will cause a sea change in the way corporations treat their customers.


And maybe, just maybe, it will cause AmEx cardholders to rethink the bogus guarantee of AmEx’s loyalty program, and actually cut their cards.


So if you agree, or have ever felt mistreated by American Express, there is one last thing you can do to get their attention:  Cut your AmEx card, and send one half to AmEx CEO Kenneth Chenault at American Express, 200 Vesey St., 50th Floor, NY, NY 10285, and the other half to Warren Buffett (one of the largest shareholders of AmEx) at Berkshire Hathaway, 3555 Farnum St., Ste. 1440, Omaha, NE 68131.


Maybe now, through your efforts, AmEx will finally get the message and return our miles so that my father and I can enjoy his final days of retirement flying on planes instead of driving across the plains.


Paul Walton   paulwalton1@gmail.com  justcutthecard.com